Dare to have a PPA higher than a GPA

Plaque hanging in my friend’s office:  “Your intelligence will get you hired, but your character will allow you to keep your job.”

I read a study that two-thirds of the people who were fired from their jobs were fired because they couldn’t get along with people, not because of technical difficulties.  Put another way, they had attitude problems.

We have a poster that reads, “Attitudes are contagious.  Is yours worth catching?”  It has a picture of five side-by-side matches – with the first one ablaze – and the second on the verge of igniting.  There is little doubt that all five matches will be engulfed in flames in a short time.  When you come home from work or school and another family member is in a bad mood … how long does it take before you catch their attitude?

Most people avoid individuals with a naturally negative attitude and gravitate toward individuals possessing a positive attitude.  I have learned that a persistent positive attitude (PPA) can allow anyone to overcome their shortcomings.  You will be amazed what people will overlook if they know you always have a smile on your face and good intentions in your being.  With a PPA, you don’t have to be the best looking, bravest, or brightest – all you need is an attitude worth catching.

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